Useful Tips how to Write a Failure College Essay Successfully

Creation of a college essay on failure

There`s a great variety of common application essay topics. Today we want to tell you more about the appropriate writing of an essay on failure. Lots of students may come across such a task, “Remember of a time when you faced the failure. What were your actions and what lesson did you take?”
Lots of essay topics allow you to open yourself in the brightest light, you can show all your achievements and triumph, while failure essay requires sharing the information about some bad times of your life. You should do your best while working on this kind of essay, as your task is to show your personal features, growth and confidence. This will surely be in your favor.
We have prepared for you the most effective tips to complete this kind of an essay in an appropriate way!

Don`t dream up an event

You are not to force some events of your life to fit the topic. Brainstorm a bit, if it takes more than 10 minutes, then change the topic. You shouldn`t look for some failures or make some of your accomplishments look like failures in your life.

Own the failure

When you have identified the failure, which may be the subject of your essay, you are to completely own it. You shouldn’t make your parents, friends, teachers guilty. You are the only one, who is responsible for this event. Your task is to describe in details why you consider this event as a failure, how you managed to overcome it, what challenges you had and what you felt.

Choose relevant failures

There are different categories of failure, which you can describe in your essay. For instance, you may write about the elections you lost, a new classmate whom you treated in a wrong way, a missed chance to help your friend in need. Such things are tightly connected with your curriculum and extra-curriculum activities, they are important elements of your personality. Readers and admission commission will want to know how you manage to solve such problems, how you respond to such situations, as they may happen during your studying at college.
Still, there are other categories of failure, which play not an important role in your college studying. If you want to write about your girlfriend leaving or something like that, then don`t do that! That`s not what the commission will be interested in and here you won`t be able to show some of your positive features of character.

Don`t wait until the end

It`s obvious, you will be asked to write the effects of this failure and the lessons you have learned. But you shouldn`t wait till the last paragraph to share your ideas. You are to do this through the whole essay. Connect the events you describe with your feeling then and how you feel about it know, show how you have changed. One of the keys to success here is to be honest.
You should make a powerful last paragraph, telling the lessons you`ve learned. So, think well on the ending and make it clear.
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